Quality and Accreditation

MediStyle quality assurance services leading to accreditation improve the services and process of care provided by healthcare organization. Accredited hospitals offer higher quality of care to their patients. Accreditation also provides a competitive advantage in the health care industry and strengthens community confidence in the quality and safety of care, treatment and services. Overall it improves risk management and risk reduction and helps organize and strengthen patient safety efforts and creates a culture of patient safety . Not only does it enhance recruitment and staff education and development, it also assesses all aspects of management and provides education on good practices to improve business operations.
MediStyle way of implementing NABH/NABL/ISO:
1.Detailed Gap analysis and report making according to the NABH/NABL/ISO Standard.
2.Extensive Training of entire staff on various modules.
3.System design and documentation (Policy and procedure framing, Sop, Forms and format designing).
4.Implementing the defined system.
5.Mock Audits and Patient satisfaction survey.
6.Pre-assessment assistant.
7.Final assessment assistant.

Our team is dedicated for the hospital quality and provide an end to end solutions with their vast experience.