Dr Rajesh Kumar Singh

MBBS MD (6+ Year of Exp)
Expertise: Heart, lungs, Kidney disorder, Emergency medicine

Dr Radhika Singh

BHMS ( 4+ Year Exp.)
Expertise: Gynecology, Infectious disease, Skin disease, Respiratory diseases.

Dr. Megha Priyadarshini

MBBS(5+ Yr of Exp)
Expertise: Infectious disease, Obs and gynecology.

Dr. Rahul Singh

BPT (uk), CMT (Ortho), MHA (Meenakshi Mission Hospital and Research Centre), PGD in Medical Law and Ethics
(5+ Year exp.).

Expertise: Orthopedics and neurological pain, Post fracture care , Chronic Joint disease, Growth and posture disorder, Cardiac and respiratory care, Cerebral Palsy, medicine and Surgical Rehab, Emergency medicine.


ECG, Nebulization, Spirometer, Advance Cervical and lumber Traction, Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, Pulse oximeter.


Outpatient Department, Diet and nutrition counselling, Medicine dispensing, First Aid, Day care observation, Referral.